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Product Overview

Advanced Renal Technologies provides an advanced dialysis fluid (dialysate) formulation containing citric acid--the first major change in dialysate chemical composition in 30 years.

Citrasate® and DRYalysate®

Citrate dialysate is available in two forms, Citrasate® liquid A concentrate and DRYalysate® , a dry powdered version that can be mixed by the user to make A concentrate. The use of citric acid in the dialysate has been shown to be a safe and effective way to provide better dialysis therapy.

Product Benefits

Citrate dialysis has been shown to provide improved treatment for patients on routine long-term hemodialysis when compared to currently used dialysate formulations. Patients who appear to particularly benefit from citrate dialysate are those with dialyzer clotting or increased risk of bleeding problems. Patients in these two categories include:

  1. those whose dialyzers clot despite large amounts of heparin,
  2. those who cannot use heparin, e.g., those with heparin antibodies, and
  3. patients actively bleeding or who are at risk of hemorrhage.

Citrate dialysate is safe and effective in all dialysis patients, but it has been particularly effective because it improves dialyzer reuse:

  • Increases the dose of dialysis
  • Corrects acidosis
  • Improves dialysis in patients who are "dialyzer clotters"
  • Enables heparin-free dialysis of patients with antibodies to heparin (HIT) or those who are allergic to heparin
  • Enables heparin-free dialysis of patients with acute renal failure who are at risk of bleeding

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Product Information and Usage

Citrasate® and DRYalysate® are available in all standard formulations. Three concentrations (35X, 36.83X, and 45X) are supplied.

  • Citrasate® liquid A concentrate is available in individual-dose gallon jugs packaged four per case, and it is also available in 50- and 55-gallon barrels.
  • DRYalysate® comes in powder form that can be mixed on-site as needed. Its advantage is lower shipping and storage costs, since DRYalysate® occupies approximately 70% less space than liquid A concentrate. DRYalysate® is packaged in convenient boxes that make 50 liters of A concentrate.

There is no change in treatment routine or equipment required to use
® or DRYalysate®. Switching to citric acid dialysate is simple; just pour the citrate A concentrate (Citrasate® or reconstituted DRYalysate®) into the container normally used on your dialysis system, or use it in the dialysis clinic's central supply system. No alterations in the dialysis machine are necessary. Patients and staff will see no difference in treatment procedures. To them, the conversion is "transparent" and convenient. There is no staff training needed before converting to either of ART's citrate dialysate products. No special blood tests are needed when doing citrate dialysis.

View the PDF of the Citrasate MSDS.

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Citric Acid

Citric acid is a physiological acid that is rapidly metabolized. It has a long and safe history of use in medicine, most notably as an anticoagulant used in the collection and storage of blood for transfusion. Citric acid anticoagulates through the chemical binding of calcium. Citrate dialysate contains only a small fraction of the citric acid concentration used to anticoagulate blood, yet evidence shows it has mild anticoagulation properties that improve dialysis treatment.

Additional descriptions of results obtained with citric acid dialysate can be found in the section for Dialysis Professionals.

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